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How Taking Guitar Lessons Makes You Better Faster

How Taking Guitar Lessons Makes You Better Faster


You become a better guitar player much faster by taking lessons with an experienced teacher... but why? What makes working with a guitar teacher so much more effective than learning on your own?

1. You learn how to correct the biggest mistakes in your playing.

Self-taught guitar players frequently learn things in inefficient ways. Because of this, they develop problems in their playing that prevent them from getting better at a later time. Sometimes guitarists completely neglect one aspect of their playing to focus on another. This also leads to problems. For example, being able to play fast and technical, but not knowing how to play a musical sounding solo or improvise. 

Working with an experienced guitar teacher fixes mistakes and imbalances like this. This removes limitations on your playing, making guitar practice fun, effective and motivating 

2. You get guidance and feedback to keep you on the right track. 

Everyone gets off course in their guitar playing from time to time or doesn’t know what they should be practicing. When you work with a great guitar teacher, you have complete access to the knowledge of someone who’s helped countless others achieve their musical goals. A teacher like this knows how to keep you on track so you always practice the right things, in the right order and at the right time. This minimizes frustration and maximizes results, helping you become a better guitarist fast.

3. You learn how to practice to reach your musical goals faster.

When you start taking guitar lessons with a great teacher, he will analyze your musical goals and create a specific practice strategy for you. You then receive instructions on how to practice to get the most results out of your practice time. With expert instruction and a guitar practice schedule like this, you make infinitely more progress than you would by trying to learn on your own through trial-and-error. 

4. You learn how to expand your goals and think bigger. 

Fact is, most guitar players can achieve MUCH greater things than they think they can. For example, many guitarists want to become truly great, but settle for just being able to play a few cool licks here and there. When you take guitar lessons with a passionate and motivated teacher, he helps you learn how to expand your mindset to accomplish bigger things. This is how all great guitarists became the players they are now. Rather than settle for learning how to play like your favourite guitarist, why not develop the skill set needed to both play like him AND develop your own style? These are the kinds of adjustments you make by working with a great guitar teacher. 

If you are learning on your own or have a teacher but aren’t getting results, find a guitar teacher who has certified credentials. This means someone who has been trained specifically to improve their guitar teaching. These guitar teachers get the very best results for their students in the least amount of time.

To find a teacher like this, go to their website and see how many great students they have who play in your preferred musical style. Once you find someone who has helped a ton of guitarists who play in your style, you’ve found a winner!


Jennifer Barlow