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Follow These Four Steps To Find The Best Guitar Lessons

How To Find The Best Guitar Lessons & Become A Better Guitarist Faster

You already know that the fastest way to become a better guitar player is taking lessons with a teacher. But how do you find the best guitar lessons to help you play guitar exactly how you want? 

Conventional wisdom says things like:

“Find the most affordable guitar teacher.” – Wrong!

Searching for the cheapest guitar teacher is a surefire way to find someone who is just beginning teaching guitar lessons. These teachers usually charge cheap rates because they don’t think they have much value to offer.

“Look for guitar lessons taught by a very skilled player.” – Wrong!

Being a great guitarist does not mean being able to teach guitar effectively. Some of the very best guitar teachers have only average playing skills, but are excellent at getting results for their students.

“Find a guitar teacher who went to university for music.” – Wrong again!

International guitar teacher, Tom Hess says the following: “To find the best guitar lessons, look for a teacher who actively trains his/her teaching skills. This is not the same as someone who got a degree in music, because going to school for music doesn’t show you how to teach music. Teachers who give the highest quality guitar lessons get trained and certified.”

We wholeheartedly agree! It’s for this reason that we trained and became certified through the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. Without this training, guitar teachers cannot truly be effective at getting results for their students.

It simply doesn’t make sense to take guitar lessons from a teacher who has no training. Would you take your car to a mechanic who had no training in working with cars? What about going to a dentist who never received training? Didn’t think so!

Take This Action To Find The Best Guitar Lessons For You

We’ve been through the process of looking for good guitar lessons. When you don’t know what to look for it wastes tons of time and money! That sucks and no guitar player should have to waste their time learning with an ineffective teacher.

No matter which teacher you work with, this step-by-step process ensures you get the best guitar lessons:

Step 1.
Determine the specific musical style you want to play on guitar.

Step 2.
Search for a guitar teacher who teaches in that specific style.

Step 3.
Check to see if the guitar teacher you found has the following:

·      Guitar teacher training certification

·      A lot of guitar students who are excellent players

Step 4.
Talk directly with this guitar teacher about your specific musical goals to get a lesson plan and strategy for reaching them.


How To Become A Better Guitarist Faster While Taking Lessons

Once you’ve found the best guitar lessons, make sure you get the most benefit possible out of every lesson. Of all the guitar players we’ve come across, the very best ones achieve the most results by:

·      Doing exactly what the guitar teacher says.

Remember: he/she has been trained to get you results! Doing exactly what they say makes you better, faster 

·      Using frustration as a motivating force.

Everyone gets frustrated about their guitar playing sometimes. Those who become great use this frustration to practice harder and push through in difficult times.

·      Looking to achieve BIG things on guitar.

You only achieve what you believe to be possible. Strive to achieve greatness and become a great player!

Now you know how to find the best guitar lessons and get the most benefit from them. There is nothing complicated about this process, yet so many guitarists are completely unaware of it. Now that you are aware, apply this information and start becoming a great guitarist fast!