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Hope this area helps you with either yourself or your child with learning the guitar.

Finding the right guitar and also the right size guitar for your child

Finding the right guitar for your kid


When your child first starts learning the play the guitar, it’s important for them to get one that is suitable so that.  

a)     They are enthusiastic about playing it

b)    It’s not uncomfortable for them

This article is focused for kids who are under the age of 10, and helping them with choosing a guitar. The most important thing about choosing a guitar for your child is not how old your child is though, but how big are they?  

Video below

Here is a video of it all explained by Darryl, or if you would like to read the article, here is all the information too.

There are several guitars we are going to look at today. The most popular for kids to get is the ¾ classical guitar. It has nylon strings for the top strings which is easier for kids to learn to play.


Going to the store

If you don’t have someone to see what would suit your child the best. For example a teacher. It’s best if you can go to a store to try the guitars out to make sure they are the right size.

Guitar store


Electric guitar?

If your child is really enthusiastic about playing the electric guitar, it’s a great idea to have them try out an electric guitar too! They may even be able to play a full size electric guitar.

The reason for this is that electric guitars are much slimmer than acoustic guitars.


You will find that the price for a full size electric guitar will be more than an acoustic guitar, but on the other hand. There are lots of benefits that comes with it:

electric guitar


Benefit of a full size electric guitar

-       If your child loves rock music, they may be more enthusiastic about playing it, if they perceive it as “cool”

-       Because it is already a full size guitar, you know it will last them much longer in their lives. Until they are teenagers even.


A child is much more likely to be able to play a full size electric guitar before they can comfortably play an full size acoustic because:


Electric guitars have a smaller body, it’s much easier for them to reach the frets high up on the neck.

The strings are thinner too, so it’s easier for them to press down compared to an adult acoustic guitar.

The strings are closer to the fretboard, so they don’t have to press as far down to get the sound to come out.


What if both those options are too small?

If the ¾ classical guitar is too small, then a half size may be better for your child. And if they really really really want to play electric but a full size is too big! Then you can get ¾ electric guitars that will suit most children too.

classical guitar


Getting a quality guitar

I hope this article has been helpful for you, it’s best to get a good quality instrument. They may cost a little more, but they will stay in tune for longer. So when they practise, it is more pleasant for you to listening to.

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