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Learning guitar can be a mine field. Full of challenges and obstacles. One big thing that can help a lot is easy to understand instructions. All of our articles are written to be easily read and understood. With information that we hope will be useful for you to get playing on your guitar. 

4 steps to big guitar results

4 Steps To Big Guitar Results On Guitar

To have big results on the guitar. This article shows you the 4 essential things that has to happen both in your mind and the action that you take to achieve that. 

Making mistakes to create big changes guitar practise, guitar tuition east london

Use Your Mistakes To Create Big Changes In Your Guitar Playing

If you have ever struggled to feel like you are able to make big changes in your playing through your guitar practise. This article will help you with regards to thinking about what's really practising and how you can use proper practise to tackle and improve your guitar playing. 

sight reading guitar

How to Learn to Sight Read Fast and Easy 

A lot of guitar players do not read the score. While it is not necessary for the majority of guitar playing. The ability to read score is useful if you want to be a "working" musician. Either in theatre orchestras, performing in jazz bands, ensembles. Where you are playing with other musicians on other instruments. 

Score notation is a musical language in itself. The ability to read the music off the page and translate it into your playing is like reading a book. It takes practice. No one is born an amazing sight-reader. So how can you get started with learning how to sight read?